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Medical Design Initiative @ India, Summer 2012
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Hello everyone and I hope you are enjoying a great summer so far!

I am writing to gauge student interest in sending a medical design team to India (and possibly China) in summer 2012. Our goal is to develop and clinically test low-cost, non-invasive medical devices that will hopefully be of service to underserved communities in India. We are looking for a diverse team of members, so all students (medical, engineering, etc) are welcome!

This is a newly revamped project by the Medical and Educational Perspectives (MEP), a nonprofit organization and formerly a student group at Hopkins which focuses on health educational services to underserved communities around the globe. In the past, we hosted trips to Tanzania, India and China for HIV prevention and educational services, with 9 chapters in 5 countries.

We currently have contacts with the engineering department at the India Institute of Technology at Gandhinagar, as well as several nonprofit organizations and clinics/hospital contacts. Our goal is to have a team of clinical/engineering consultants who will identify clinical needs for India, host skype-meeting with PhD students in India (who will be designing some of the prototypes), and travel to India for 2-3 weeks in summer 2012 to test the prototypes, obtain clinical experience and insight about these devices, and provide feedback to the team for eventual prototype development. There is also possibility of developing a similar trip to China, either in summer 2012 or 2013.

In addition, there are also opportunities to work on designing medical devices here at Hopkins and in India. Some of our current proposed projects include developments of
1) an extremely low-cost, hand crank powered otoscope device ($16 per device)
2) non-invasive, portable optical imaging device for screening oral and/or nasopharyngeal cancer (can reach micrometer resolution)
3) low cost rapid hemoglobin test to detect anemia in pregnant women
4) low cost error-free pulse-oximeter for monitoring COPD patients
5) mobile phone-based better guidance system for the blind
6) propose your own project idea (either as a clinical consultant, engineering consultant, or even building your own device for the project).

While we cannot guarantee funding/elective opportunities, we are working with Hopkins SOM on a) seeking travel funds for MD and PhD students and b) setting this up as an elective rotation for medical/PhD students.

We are merely gauging student at this point, so if you are interested at all please sign up at the google form below and/or contact me @ for any questions or suggestions!

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Founder & President : Carmen Kut

Founder & President: